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How to get remote support?
Last Updated 2 years ago

  • Start by downloading the Teamviewer software for your computer(s) from their website, and save the file on the Desktop.image
  • Open the setup file (which should be "TeamViewer_Setup_en.exe") to begin the installation click "Allow" or "Run" to give permission for the software to install.
  • The setup will open up option page on how you want to proceed and you will have three options to choose on how you want TeamViewer to be installed. click on “Basic installation”

  • Then below will ask you to choose whether you are using TeamViewer for "personal", "company" or "both of the above" use. According to TeamViewer, "personal" use is any use for which you are not directly or indirectly paid.So choose personal/Non-commercial use.

  • Installation is finally done at this point, hooray! Wait for the setup to finish downloading the files on your C: drive. Next, TeamViewer will automatically generate a random ID and password to be used to connect to other computers and cellular devices.
  • Then emails that credentials to us at

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